Have You Listened To A Good Audiobook Lately?
It’s not so common today for someone to ask, ‘Have you read a good book lately?’. However, I am now a huge fan of Audible and listen to audiobooks regularly. Maybe we should be asking, ‘Have you listened to a good audiobook lately?’ Although not everyone is an auditory person (myself included), I have found audiobooks to be great background music as well as travel entertainment. My hard-core business geekiness really came out when I yearned to listen to the “Intelligent Entrepreneur” while I was on vacation. Sadly, I could not or did not because I was spending so much time with my family. Funny times. ;p

Recently I have been listening to the Intelligent Entrepreneur, and this is a book I wish I had read or listen to years ago. I have found it very inspiring and educational. Prior to listening to this book, I had said to myself that I really want to study successful multimillionaire business owners so that I could better emulate them. Ironically, “The Intelligent Entrepreneur” chronicles 3 successful Harvard Business School (HBS)graduates and the trial and tribulations they endured while building 
their successful multi-million dollar businesses. HBS is famous for producing top Fortune 500 CEOs and is considered to be the top business school in North America.

The author, Bill Murphy, wanted to unlock what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. For his book he carefully screened and selected three HBS graduates. These graduates are diverse and do not come from a business or wealthy background, and did not strike it rich the first time they delved into business. In other words, your typical seasoned entrepreneur.

Without giving the book away, I can say that the book shares the top traits of successful entrepreneurs, and how these three individuals developed these traits. I must also say that the narration of this particular audiobook is excellent. It is told in a storybook format and walks you through the different challenges that each of these individuals faced. By the end of the book, I really felt like I understood and connected with each of the three HBS graduates. You might even say that it was like a mini HBS seminar because HBS teaches using the case study method.

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