Sample Group Insurance Quotes
These sample group insurance quotes offer you a glimpse into what monthly rates could be for your company. However, each company is unique and there are many factors that go into determining the specific cost for each plan. Please, only use these quotes as a way to evaluate the benefits of a plan for your company.

Each of these are real quotes solving real issues for real companies. We have kept the identity of our clients confidential.
Case # 461 : Finance
3 Employees – New Plan
  • Their staff originally came from corporations that provided posh benefits so though they had been considering benefits for quite some time they thought they were too small to get a competitively priced plan for what they were used to.
  • They were pleasantly surprised by the numbers that we provided.
  • The plan they selected gives them the flexibility to grow as their needs evolve.
Case # 459: Transportation
5 Employees – Existing Plan
  • This existing client had large increases in previous years because of high usage.
  • We were able to negotiate a reduction in rates based on recent usage patterns.
  • This client has been with the same provider for 3 years so we leveraged that plan loyalty to get the lower rates.
Case # 448: Construction
34 Employees – Existing Plan
  • They received a high renewal because of very high usage in the past 2 years in spite of measures we had taken to deter plan abuse.
  • We ultimately saved them 10% on their renewal rates by switching them to one of our wholesale partners.
  • In our strategic evaluation, to reduce further plan abuse, we are recommending they change some of the qualification criteria for new employees.
Case # 440: Advertising
8 Employees – Existing Plan
  • They thought they were getting a great deal on their employee benefits because they were members of a business association plan for their health and dental benefits.
  • They were surprised to receive a very large rate increase and were equally surprised to discover how much we could save them by using our wholesale providers.
  • Their savings were due in part to their preferential employee demographics.
Case # 439: Health and Wellness
35 Employees – Existing Plan
  • They wanted to provide management with a superior set of benefits but they were surprised by the cost of the additional benefits.
  • We took the plan to one of our wholesalers and were able to get them those additional benefits and provide them with an overall reduction in their rates.
  • We added Long Term Disability Coverage and increased paramedical coverage from $300 to $750 per practitioner.
Case # 430: Construction
13 Employees – Existing Plan
  • They were initially apprehensive to get a strategic evaluation because they thought they were getting excellent rates.
  • They were shocked when we saved them 15% due to their low usage history.
  • With the savings we looked into improving their coverage by adding vision and improving their paramedical coverage.
Case # 425: Construction
7 Employees – New Plan
  • This new company wanted benefits for their employees but because of the older demographics of their staff it was important to get Major dental coverage.
  • Due to the small size of the company this was a challenge but we were able to do it because of our wholesaler relationships.
  • The Controller was previously at a large corporation and was astounded when the numbers came in well below her expectations.
Case # 421: Construction
4 Employees – Existing Plan
  • They were unhappy with their communication and service from their previous broker which had deteriorated from face to face, down to phone calls, down to email and eventually to very little contact at all. All this was because they had reduced their staff from 15 down to 5 employees so their broker no longer treated them as he once did.
  • We provided them savings and improved their coverage in LTD, travel and drugs.
  • The biggest improvement for them is that they are now being treated as they once were even though they are no longer the size they were several years ago.
Case # 420: Manufacturer
22 Employees – Existing Plan
  • They originally switched to us because of our wholesale relationship with their previous insurer.
  • We provided them a 10% savings without changing anything in their plan because of our wholesale relationship with their insurer.
  • We still took their plan to market to hold their insurers accountable but the savings were minimal compared to the risk of changing.
  • Now their plan renewals are boring and predictable. Exactly what they like.
Case # 417: Construction
12 Employees – New Plan
  • This high end home builder wanted to provide a benefit plan for their staff.
  • They bid this plan out to 3 different brokers because that is the way they were used to operating their business.
  • Our company culture is based on relationship which we believe is much more important than just the numbers. When we realized that they were only numbers people we chose not to submit this quote because it didn’t match our core values.
Case # 416: Construction
6 Employees – New Plan
  • They did not know what to expect concerning rates or coverage because they had never had a plan before.
  • They were amazed when the numbers came in below their expectations.
  • We recommended going with the Bronze plan because it allows for the plan to evolve as the company gains experience.
  • It is easier to budget and the employees are happy to just have a plan in the first year.
Case # 414: Architectural Services
14 Employees – Existing Plan
  • Client thought it was too late to review their benefits because they had just renewed
  • In fact, this is the best time to review benefits for pricing accuracy.
  • Upon review, we were able to save them 14% on their benefits.
  • They opted to give-back to their staff and improved benefits.
  • In the end, they saved 12% on their premiums.
  • They improved Vision Care, Dental Care and Long Term Disability Coverage.
Case # 411: Construction Services
10 Employees – Existing Plan
  • Client was unhappy with their current broker because of lack of information and servicing.
  • This client was fed a massive 48% increase from his former insurance company.
  • We brought this case to our wholesale partners and saved him 18% on his premiums.
  • We also saved him 25+% on his Long Term Disability Premiums.
  • We also improved LTD coverage quality for their employees.
Case # 410: Professional Services
11 Employees – New Plan
  • They were paying for their employees expenses but found it to be tedious to manage.
  • However, they thought implementing a health and dental plan would increase their administrative burden.
  • When we showed them that our admin team would eliminate much of that burden they were very open to looking at an appropriate plan for their staff.
Case # 403: Sales and Marketing
4 Employees – Existing Plan
  • Client was feeling very poorly serviced and had not met with their advisor in ages.
  • As the client did not have their usage information, we were able to acquire it from their insurance company.
  • Using our wholesale partners, we were able to save them 20% on their premiums.
  • They opted to utilize the savings and improve the plan.
  • The final result was a substantial increase in dental, vision and adding Critical illness coverage.
  • This was all done while keeping costs in line.
Case # 402: Construction
6 Employees – Existing Plan
  • As a long time member of an Association Plan they were doubtful that we could save them money.
  • When we took them to market we were immediately able to save them 37% on their plan which included more coverage on the Long Term Disability.
  • They used some of this savings to improve their Dental Plan and add Vision. The net result was a 17% savings over their existing plan with improved benefits.
Case # 401: Developer
10 Employees – New Plan
  • They were growing rapidly and wanted a benefits package for their office staff.
  • We provided them a Bronze and Silver plan design to help them to help them assess and budget accordingly.
  • They surveyed their staff and their employees found great value in the Silver design.
Case # 390: Technology
6 Employees – New Plan
  • Their employees had been wanting a plan for many years and management always thought it would be too expensive.
  • We met with management and showed them the tax benefits of an employee benefits plan in comparison to giving their staff a raise.
  • They loved the numbers and wondered why they had waited so long to implement a plan.
Case # 387: Maintenance
3 Employees – New Plan
  • They wanted a benefit package to distinguish themselves from their competition in attracting employees.
  • Since few of their competition provided benefits minimal coverage was all they needed.
  • Ownership was floored when the rates came in at half of what they had expected.
Case # 353: Sales Organization
3 Employees – New Plan
  • The company wanted a benefits plan for their executive team.
  • They didn’t think the benefits that their executives were used to would be attainable because of their small size.
  • They were surprised that we could do it and at a similar rate to what they paid when working at larger corporations.
Case # 331: Manufacturer
21 Employees – New Plan
  • Management promised their employees a Health and Dental Plan if their productivity and profitability was maintained during a high growth year.
  • They were referred to us because they were working to fulfil this promise with a different broker but found that he was extremely unresponsive.
  • The management team and employees were impressed with our responsiveness and professionalism.
Case # 306: Construction
5 Employees – New Plan
  • This small company with no previous plan wanted to use employee benefits to attract and retain top trades to their team.
  • Pricing came in far below their expectations giving them the confidence to choose the Silver Plan Design with additional dental coverage.
  • The proposal was quickly approved to attract top talent.
Case # 278 : Educational Provider
17 Employees – New Plan
  • Their staff had wanted a benefits plan for quite some time but management always thought it would cost too much.
  • We showed them two plan designs (Bronze and Silver). On both of these plan designs pricing came in far below their expectations.
  • As a result, they chose this Silver plan and their employees were ecstatic.
  • Because we encourage conscientious usage of plan benefits, the next year they even received a price decrease.
Case # 261: Developer
14 Employees – Existing Plan
  • The former broker of this fast growing company didn’t keep their rates in line with their new economies of scale because he had minimal contact with them.
  • In an apples to apples comparison we showed them a 26% savings. They were stunned.
  • Management opted to reinvest the savings by creating a management class of benefits to increase retention of their most valued employees.
  • The net result was still a 13% reduction in their overall rates.
Case # 255: Construction
17 Employees – New Plan
  • They were hesitant to get a market analysis because they believed they were getting good rate from their broker who had serviced their account for many years.
  • They were quite surprised by the size of the 17% savings we showed them.
  • This savings included a 100% increase in their dental coverage.