Join Kiva Team Abundance Canada
Join Kiva Team Abundance Canada and begin a journey that makes a huge impact on people trapped in poverty. Years ago one of our staff members began lending money to entrepreneurs around the world using micro-loans of $25 through Kiva. These small loans have helped hundreds of people start businesses or get the capital they needed to expand. The great news is that these businesses are creating a living for their families and their communities. It is also helping them get out of poverty so that their children will have better opportunities and the possibility to live a life of abundance.
How To Join Our Team
  • Click on a Staff Photo to open one of the invite pages
  • Click ‘JOIN TEAM’ on the invite page (if you haven’t been on Kiva before another page will show up first – if it does click on our logo to get to the “join team” page).
  • Click Register (small link at top right of form). You can signup with Facebook OR your email address. Right after this the anonymous sponsor contributes the $25 to the Kiva account of the staff member you chose.
  • If you want to contribute more to the cause you can also click on the Gift Option and we’ll use the money to lend on your behalf.
  • AD&D
Kiva is an organization that is like the Kickstarter of micro-loans. It connects people like us directly with the person receiving the money in a developing nation. We have set a goal of raising $5,000 to lend through Kiva and would love your support! Did you know that you can help us raise $5,000 to lend through Kiva without giving any of your own money. It’s true!
Watch This Tutorial: Sign Up In Under 1 Minute
Join Kiva Team Abundance Canada and we’ll make a FREE $25 loan on your behalf
Help us get $25 to lend for FREE. When you join Kiva a third party donor will generously give us $25 to lend to a Kiva borrower on your behalf. As the loan gets repaid the money automatically gets returned to this third party donor so you can be sure that we have only the best of intentions in asking for your help. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!

It won’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.
To Get Started Click on a staff photo to join Kiva
When you join from one of the special invite pages (it will open when you click on a staff photo) the staff member you choose will be able to make a FREE $25 loan on your behalf.
After you become a Kiva member, please join us and begin making your own loans 
(optional but highly recommended)
Remember that these are loans not gifts. You get your money back. The average default rate is about 1% so the possibility of you losing your money is very low. Once you put money into your Kiva account you can set it up to automatically re-loan the money once it is paid back (that’s what we do) or you can withdraw it and buy yourself lunch. We hope you will join Kiva Team Abundance Canada and lend money as part of our effort to help people get out of poverty and create a world of abundance.
Why are micro-loans important?
Rather than giving money, you are lending money at very favourable market rates to help these people avoid the trap of perpetual poverty from loan shark lending which is usually their only option. Kiva loan rates on average are about 1/3 of the normal lending rates available to these people. For any entrepreneur, borrowing at 1/3 of the market rate will dramatically increase their business success. Through Kiva you are giving them more than a loan you are giving them a way out of poverty. Furthermore, you are helping to create jobs and commerce in those communities.

By participating in micro-lending through Kiva you are lending directly to an individual by providing the capital interest free to the lending partner enabling them to ensure that their loan rates remain at the most affordable levels for these people.
Why Kiva?
Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.
Since Kiva was founded in 2005:
  • 1,167,530 people have become Kiva lenders
  • $560,702,850 in loans have been made
  • 98.88% Repayment rate on loans
Kiva works with:
  • 247 Field Partners
  • 450 volunteers around the world
  • 76 different countries
Why we love Kiva?
There is an old proverb that says ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ Supporting KIVA helps people to ‘fish’ rather than just ‘giving them a fish’. Our core values are Caring for People, Community, Continual Improvement and Contribution. We believe that supporting KIVA achieves all four. Please join us in empowering entrepreneurs to create better communities throughout the world!