“Before we started working with Abundance we were happy with our benefits plan. Then we met Amadeus and discovered that we could substantially reduce our costs without compromising the quality of our coverage by
“Our former broker was like the thousands of handymen that take on large construction projects but continue running their business out of their truck instead of investing in an office. Because we couldn’t reach him with questions,
working with Abundance. However, what really moved us is the way they integrate their client’s objectives and values with their own business model through socially aligned corporate values and programs like their Mission of Care. I continue to recommend them to businesses because of this and the genuine care and personal attention that I’ve experienced as their client.“ Karen Wristen Living Oceans Society  
our policy failed to keep pace with our growing needs and we became frustrated that we didn’t have a pro on our team. We’ve been around long enough to know that it’s not about the product, it’s all about the customer service behind the product. We needed a broker that approached business with the same professionalism that we demand from ourselves. 
“You can blame it on our blue collar roots but we prefer dealing with down to earth companies where everyone cares about the work they do and the owners and management don’t hide in their office towers when mistakes are made. We were beginning to feel like our insurer was purposely holed up in their tower beyond
earshot of our pleas for help. Month after month they had screwed up our billing and then some unseen bureaucrat would penalized us for obscure clauses in the contract that nobody seemed to want to explain to us. 
“In the search for a new plan we were impressed that Abundance was easy to communicate with. In fact when we had questions they were either readily available or returned our calls quickly. One thing that was refreshing was that
 when they didn’t know the answer to a question they simply admitted that, went away to research the answer and came back to us with an easily understood well thought out response. They are professional, knowledgeable and reliable. 
“When we build a house for someone that has never done it before we know that a successful build is dependent on us getting out in front of things from the beginning and walking the owners through each step of the project so that they know what to expect and when to expect it. At first when we thought about offering employee benefits to our staff we hadn’t realized that maybe we were like those first time home builders. 
“We should have looked into getting employee benefits before but just never thought about it. That changed when Abundance reached out to us and sent Amadeus over to explain the benefits of having a plan and answer questions in person. We are a small company that values being approachable and personal with our clients. Almost
 immediately we got that same feeling from them and knew that we would enjoy doing business with them. Since we had no prior experience with a benefits plan we were concerned that the setup would be foreign to us.
“As members of REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) we were offered an Association Plan that Abundance Employee Benefits had set-up exclusively for it’s members. At first I was hesitant to look into it because I knew how much the limited coverage my regular benefits plan cost me in my
prior career at a larger company. However, I was curious about the difference and was surprised that we could get the coverage options we wanted at a price that was more affordable than I had experienced. 
“We were dissatisfied with our previous plan’s service and costs, which resulted in searching for better options. In the search for a new option we narrowed our selection to two
 companies. Honestly, Abundance wasn’t the cheapest, though they were close. They were, however, more down to earth and friendlier. Instead of showing up in BMW’s and expensive suits, they impressed us with their genuine concern for us and how we do business. We are recyclers. There’s nothing fancy about our operation and they got that. We wanted someone that would be there for us if we needed them. 
“We are people of our word and look to do business with companies like Abundance Employee Benefits that deliver what they promise. They made it easy to put together a plan for our employees, with quality coverage and excellent rates. We were even pleasantly surprised when our 1st year renewal came with a rate decrease. For their integrity we recommend Abundance.” Dean Sabiston, Controller The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN)
“We know that the cost of insurance goes up over time just like everything else. The problem for us was that our previous insurance company would increase our rates without giving us any warning, making it very difficult to plan our monthly budget. As you might have guessed, we also couldn’t get a hold of our previous broker when we
needed to. Since switching to Abundance Employee Benefits, it has been a lot easier for us. They answer the phone when we call and every time there is a rate change we are given advance notice and offered the opportunity
“Before we found Abundance Employee Benefits we had asked our previous broker to get us into a group insurance pool to keep our rates at a reasonable and predictable level. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we were slapped with a 50% rate increase the next year, without any warning. It was
only then that my former broker defended himself by pointing to the fine print that revealed that only a few of our benefits were being pooled and even those benefits had very low limits. I was not impressed. We needed a new broker that we could trust and...
“We chose Abundance Employee Benefits because we found them to be organized and transparent. When we were looking for a plan we gave them the opportunity to bid because their founder was a client of ours. However, they didn’t take advantage of that prior relationship and instead were upfront with us about the information we needed to make the right choice (even if it might lead to us selecting
 their competition). In the end, this transparency set them apart as the type of company we wanted to work with. Since then, we have been delighted by the organized way in
“We like dealing with local companies. Our previous insurance company was based in the east which meant that we communicated primarily by email and with the time
difference, it sometimes takes a while to get a reply. Now we can pick up the phone and get an answer when we need it and even emails are returned in a reasonable time frame. The other thing we are delighted by is that even though we are a small company we were allowed to personalize our plan. Abundance Employee Benefits listened to our real needs and let us create the plan that
“We had been talking about getting an employee benefits plan for 10 years but always thought we were too small for one. We would just pay our employees’ medical bills as they came up but were finding that it was more expensive to do it that way than we had anticipated. When we asked for
quotes for a plan to meet our unique needs, other companies seemed to always say ‘No, we can’t do that.’ However, we never heard that from Abundance Employee Benefits. Even though we are small they always said, “Of course we can do that, it’s your plan.” 
“Our previous insurer gave us what we thought was a great rate. Little did we know that they were just low balling their first year rates to get our business. When our policy renewed the next year we were absolutely shocked. Our rate increase was so high that we thought they sent the bill 
to the wrong company. When Abundance Employee Benefits contacted us we were just about to go ballistic. Saving us from that confrontation, they met with us and showed us how we could get the coverage we wanted year in and year out without sticker shock. 
“As an oil and gas company, it was challenging to find quality benefits at a competitive price. We found that out the hard way and were happy to connect with Abundance Employee Benefits, who provided us with an excellent 
benefits plan that helped us attract and retain top talent. This has also helped us land significant contracts because our clients know we have secured a reliable team. Furthermore, they were able to anticipate future business challenges and help us avert or solve them in a cost-effective and clever manner. Their expertise is obvious, and they are able to translate it to “common English”. 
“I know Amadeus personally and professionally. He is consistent in how he carries himself: a high performer and fun guy who cares and wants others to succeed. I am appreciative of his willingness to share his knowledge and experience. I look forward to many years of supportive friendship as we grow together through our common bonds.” Ted Lau Visionary CEO, Father, and Sales Guy Ballistic Arts
“The advantages of using Abundance Employee Benefits as our benefits advisor have been significant. Before, correspondence was slow and employee satisfaction was only moderate. We also did not know if we were getting a competitive rate (we weren’t). Now correspondence and service is responsive and professional, and we saved 
thousands on our health and dental plan in our first year with them. Amadeus and his team also manage our group RRSP plan and we could not be happier. Our employees are paying less in management expenses and have a better understanding of their investments. 
“As a company we put much pride and importance into the Association Plans we offer to our employees. Before we worked with Abundance Employee Benefits, we received little support and rarely connected with our benefits advisors. We no longer worry about that relationship. We are in the service industry ourselves and now feel we have a
benefits provider who considers customer service with the same conscientious approach we would expect from ourselves. Amadeus and his results-oriented team have been responsive, proactive and personable with all our questions and concerns. They have made this partnership accessible and a joy to use 
“As one of Amadeus’s Mentors in EO (Entrepreneurs’ Association), I have learned from and observed a lot in Amadeus. He is committed to personal growth and constant improvement and takes the initiative to be reflective on how to make things even better. He also cares about his community and this is evident in his personal and professional goals. WIN-WIN is in his DNA.” Kevin Kirsten Managing Partner & CSO
“It is always a pleasure to work with Abundance Employee Benefits. Not only do they have the knowledge and skills in their field to provide the best help, but their honest caring for their clients clearly sets them apart from their competition. They will spend the time to truly understand where you are at, and where you are planning to go, and they are willing and forthcoming with information and support to get you there. Amadeus 
is always striving to improve himself and his community and has set some ambitious goals for his company to make a massive difference in the community. He has managed to cross the boundary between a professional