Everything of lasting value begins with giving. A farmer must sow before he will reap. So too, a business committed to giving first and foremost, will eventually receive out of their generosity. Abundance Employee Benefits starts with this because it is one of our values that is most important to us. We named ourselves Abundance because we believe there is more than enough for everyone. We start with that mindset. It is this that moved us to start our Kiva Project where we fund entrepreneurs in developing nations. It is this that guides us in providing meaningful information on our website to help people make good financial decisions whether they are our client or not. It is this that keeps us offering our time and attention to help nurture our clients’ business because we want them to live abundantly.
When you care about someone you measure your actions and decisions based on how these will impact them before you think about how these might impact yourself. In putting others first, treating others as we would like to be treated, and holding your best interests in mind when making decisions, we live out this value. We always seek to put our clients into the best plan for them. We stay on top of our clients changing business so that they don’t find themselves over or under insured. When presenting plans we include all the options so that you can make the right decision for your needs. But it goes beyond treating our clients well. We treat each other well and speak with empathy when facing difficult situations in business or life. We may be idealistic but we hope we are rubbing off on those we come in contact with.
Continual Improvement
If you aren’t going forward you are going backward. As you look around you, nothing in life stays constant. In order to reach for excellence in business and life we believe that ongoing improvement is essential. Adaptation and innovation require us to stand upon the shoulders of those that have gone before us and reach into the unknown. Abundance Employee Benefits is dedicated to maintaining dynamic business practises and constantly seeking avenues for improvement. We invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in business and personal development because we love to learn and grow. When we find something that works for us we share it with others. For this reason you will find articles on our website that go beyond traditional insurance product information. It is this that motivates us to invite business owners into our business circles because we believe that the journey to excellence is most meaningful when it is shared by those that you care about.