We use a carefully crafted process when working with companies to help them determine the best solution for their employee benefits plan. One that works.
1. Interview
Ensures client compatibility. Abundance Employee Benefits seeks to support current and future industry leaders who believe strongly in social legacy and constant evolution. We have the tools, resources, and relationships to help big thinkers achieve ambitious goals.
2. Discover
Where are you now? Where do you want to be in three years? Designing the proper package requires learning about you, your company, and your vision. An unsuitable benefits plan is a liability, but implementing the right plan will promote productivity, improve staff retention, and contribute to company growth.
3. Analyse
We analyze your goals and employee data, assess the marketplace, and create the initial baseline for your benefits plan. Once we understand your market position, we begin creating a plan tailored to your company’s needs.
4. Refine
We work with you to explore what is important to your company’s vision and staff. This enables us to refine the base plan into a plan that is ideally suited to your company, industry, and business cycle.
5. Implement
Employees meet the Abundance team, complete enrollment forms, receive benefit packages, and participate in education sessions. A series of follow-up meetings ensure that everyone understands and is acquainted with the benefit plan.
6. Evolve
A business is a dynamic entity with evolving needs. Your benefits package features, usage, and claims will be continually reviewed and refined to ensure that it continues to add value for the company and employees.