The Importance Of Client Service
Sadly, our industry is riddled with poor client service and this reflects badly on all of us in the field. It is our pet-peeve when we learn that other firms aren’t providing the client service that clients deserve and expect. Recently, we saw a prospective client that still had not received their renewal notice after 3 weeks of requesting for the report. This report is typically a pdf so was really just a quick ‘send’ button away.

In another case, we connected with a prospective client that had their plan automatically renewed with the higher renewal rate. They got an increase without any notice whatsoever. The worst part is that we’ve seen these occurrences before.

Finally, the most common omission that we see on the service end is that lack of a proper annual review. Every annual review with a client should include a review of the employee data to ensure that the coverages and incomes are correct. 
Sadly, we have dealt with situations where an employee went on disability but did not have their updated income information recorded. As a result, they received a smaller disability payout than they could have received. This is a sad reality for the employee.

In contrast, we strive to provide attentive client service that assists the employee, the HR team and the payroll team. In fact, many of our client testimonials rave about the high quality service we provide. If any of these situations sounds familiar to you, we hope you will allow us the opportunity to be of service to you. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much better your experience can be with us.