Use Your Core Values To Filter Out Life Draining Work
One of our big revelations and transformations has come from our focus on our core values. I thought I understood Core Values, but I did not really get it until just recently. I only truly ‘got it’ when I started to practise it. Like so many things we talk about it (core values, mission, vision, values statements), it is always transformational when we begin to walk it and apply it daily. To truly enjoy your business use your core values to filter out life draining work.

We now filter everything we do as a business through a set of core values. Our core values are what we call our four Cs – Contribution, Community, Caring, and Continual Improvement. We share these core values with our potential employees, our current employees, and our clients. It has become the filter that transforms the everyday activities of our business, since we only put effort into that which aligns with our Core Values.
From an employee standpoint, employees who are congruent or supportive of our core values love working with us. From my mentors, I have heard that employee transitions (terminations) occur much more seamlessly with core value filtering because those employees know they do not fit into the company culture. People want to be in places where they fit in, and do not want to be in places where they do not fit in. Employee retention and growth is optimized with the consistent use of core value filtering.

From a client perspective, we found that our most enjoyable clients are those whose core values are congruent or supportive of ours. They believe in what we want to create and we believe and support them in what they want to create. Likewise, it moves the business relationship from an impersonal transaction to a personal relationship. Business is always more fun and fulfilling when you are working with people and organizations that you care about. And when you care about somebody, you are more likely to go that extra mile and enjoy doing so. On a related note, thank you for being our client. =)

Finally, from a business owner perspective, life is a lot more fun creating something that you believe in. I no longer feel like I am spinning my wheels, but that I am creating something that I am truly proud of. Work is fun, work is important, most importantly, work is fulfilling.

I am not sure if you already filter your business activities through a set of core values, and if you do, I would love to learn more about how you are doing it (I am still learning it myself). If not, I would be happy to connect with you about it. Of course, I am no expert in it, but I may be able to connect you with other business owners that have been doing it longer and better than I have.