If You Hate Staff Meetings Have A Daily Huddle Instead
Have you ever wondered how some companies develop riveting cultures, while others are stagnant? I used to think that corporate culture was reserved for 100+ employee size companies, but now I see it starts from the ground up. Culture exists any time you have people interacting with each other. Sadly, unless we are consciously creating culture, it will be created by the personalities of the loudest individuals. Unfortunately, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and the squeaky employee creates the most cultural influence. How are you creating and managing your company culture? Many companies rely on their weekly staff meetings to create company culture. If you hate staff meetings have a Daily Huddle instead.

To create a great culture in my company I have begun applying a tool that has had a huge impact. I was introduced by my EO Accelerators group to this tool that is applied in companies from 2 employees to 10,000+ employees (1-800 Got Junk uses it to align all of their North American offices and employees). The book which outlines how to use it, “Mastering The Rockefeller 
Habits” by Verne Harnish, calls it the Daily Huddle. We have found that our Daily Huddle aligns our staff, increases productivity, increases focus, and increases our company communication. The best part is that it can be done in as little as 5 to 15 minutes. The results have been amazing.

​When we first implemented the huddle, I did it because I had peers that did it and they raved about the results. Like so many experiential things, you won’t know the impact until you try it yourself. Since implementing the Daily Huddle, our human connection has increased. This has increased our community feel. We care and support each other much more than we did before. We clear up miscommunication easily, and quickly. I knew Accountability and Productivity would increase because of the huddle, I just did not expect all the additional benefits from implementing the Daily Huddle.

My peers that use the Daily Huddle also commented on how it improved communication by decreasing email interaction. They were also able to solve client issues faster because everyone meets briefly every morning. Finally, it has eliminated the hated weekly staff meeting.

As you can see, we are passionate about learning and growing. We love to share what is working for us and our clients so that you may improve your business. We specialize in employee benefits and are not business coaches (officially anyway), but we see ourselves as partners in the growth of our clients. It is thrilling and gratifying to see our clients double or triple in size because they are passionate about growing their company and community.