Why I Was Inspired To Create A Legacy Through Kiva
When I was just three years old, my great grandfather passed away suddenly.  My family had just immigrated from rural China and had it not been for my great grandfather, my entire family would still be poor farmers in China.
I have always felt a deep gratitude for my great grandfather as well as a burning desire to give back and make a difference in the world.  Specifically, I have a burning desire to create an incredible legacy for my great grandfather.  I want to make his sacrifices worthwhile and meaningful (my great grandfather immigrated in the early 1900s where racism was rampant and the Chinese community was abused in Vancouver). As you probably know, I have been drawn to make a difference to people and most recently it has been to assist the people of developing nations.

I have since ‘discovered’ KIVA.  I had heard about KIVA years ago, but only recently really understood what Kiva represents.  KIVA is my vehicle to create the incredible legacy my great grandfather deserves.  KIVA empowers entrepreneurs to “fish for themselves”.  It empowers people to get out of poverty by providing them a competitive advantage. They do this by providing business loans at one third the market rate.  Imagine how much money you would save if your mortgage rate was reduced by 67%!  This massive advantage empowers these entrepreneurs to create a better life for themselves and their communities.

In truth, had my great grandfather not rescued my family from rural China, I would be one of the millions of the ‘starving class’ in China.  I would probably be one of the hungry entrepreneurs in need of outside assistance. Here are the instructions and additional background information on how to support me in raising funds for Kiva.  We have secured a generous sponsor who will contribute $25of their money to everyone who joins our team.  Joining a team is similar to liking a business page on Facebook.  No commitments, just show your support.  =) This $25 contribution by the anonymous sponsor is provided regardless of whether you choose to support my cause.  If anything, please take 30 seconds to join my KIVA  team.  It will be the fastest $25 contribution you have ever made. 🙂
Amadeus Nip, Founder