Choose The Right Business Tribe And You Will Thrive
If you have ever watched Survivor on TV you know that which Tribe a contestant belongs to determines their fate. The same is true in business. Choose the right business tribe and you will thrive. Choose wrong or become tribe-less and you may find yourself voted off the island by your competition. The roman legion was legendary in their ability to create a group of men who came from various walks of life and became one as a fighting unit. If we are to go beyond survival in business to become those who thrive and conquer we must find our Tribe and use the strength it provides to win.

As a member of EOA (Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerators) I have had the good fortune of being mentored by multi-million dollar business owners. It’s a privilege I am deeply grateful for. I have also found my tribe in EOA – A group of dynamic, driven business owners that want to grow their businesses and make a difference.
In our EOA meetings, we share what strategies and tools are working for us, what hasn’t, as well as our business challenges. It is really amazing to connect with a group of people that really understand you. Likewise, if you really want to grow in a certain area, it is wise to associate with people that are growing in that area. Personally, I feel I can be myself authentically. I now have good friends that own thriving businesses that also understand my goals, dreams and challenges.

Have you found your tribe yet? If so, congratulations. You are very fortunate. If not, I highly encourage you to check out EO and EOA. Not only have I found like minded individuals, I also receive mentorship from successful business owners. The mentorship and networking are invaluable.

Of course, this is not new science. I remember my mother often talked to me about being mindful of the people I hung out with as a child (so they wouldn’t drag me down) and wanted me to hang out with high-achievers. Since then, I have heard, read and learnt that we are often the average of the top 5 people we associate with. For myself, being a part of EOA has been instrumental in my business and personal growth. My top 5 has evolved considerably since finding my Tribe.

I encourage you to be conscious of your time and your tribe. If you would like to learn more about EO and EOA, please let me know. If you belong to a group that has brought incredible value to your life, I would love to learn more about it! As you know, I am all about supporting, caring and growing. =) Please comment below to share.
Entrepreneurs’ Organization
The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a global, peer-to-peer network of more than 10,000 influential business owners with 144 chapters in 48 countries. Founded in 1987, EO is the catalyst that enables leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow, leading to greater success in business and beyond. For more information, visit Entrepreneurs must meet the following criteria to be considered
\eligible for membership in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization:

1. Be the founder, co-founder, owner or controlling shareholder of a company.
2. Serve in one of the above roles for a company grossing a minimum of US$1 million annually.
EO Global Stats:
Total Sales: 
Average Sales: 
Total Members: 
Average Age: 
Total Number of Employees: 
Average Member Employees: 
Number of EO Chapters Worldwide: 
 Number of Countries Represented:  
More than US$536 billion
US$52.3 million per year
More than 2.4 million
EO Accelerator
For Owners of Startups and Small Businesses which don’t meet the annual revenue requirement, EO has a program called Accelerator (EOA) which is designed to help companies reach that target revenue. To qualify for the Accelerator Program you must be the owner or founder of an operating business with gross annual revenues of at least US$250,000.
Accelerator, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization program, is the catalyst that enables first-stage entrepreneurs to catapult your business to the next level. Their mission is to empower you with the tools you need to grow your business to more than US$1 million in sales and provide you with the skills to make yourself a better entrepreneur and leader.

Along with structured educational content focused on the core areas of first-stage businesses, the Accelerator Program affords you the unique experience of learning from and connecting with the world’s most influential entrepreneurs.

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